Top Radio Shows In Lagos/Nigeria

What are the best radio shows to listen to or to look forward to in Lagos?

I’ve tried searching online, but the only thing I see ‘top 10 radio stations’ let me try to drop a radio show I always look forward to,

1. Cool FM 96.9fm, Weekdays 3-4pm, DJ Xclusive 1 Hour mix of various genre of songs… always fun!

2. RC 102.3fm, around 12-3am or there about, I dont know it’s name but people always call in with different life problems (jeez, people get problems o, especially
romantic problems), anyways, the host, a deep male voice guy, tries to give best advice, sometimes he’s so strict and stern on callers, I pity the callers..

anyways I’m looking forward to discovering new interesting shows airing on different stations, and it’s practically impossible to listen all radio stations at once.

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