Rihanna Met France’s First Lady

A Tale Of Two Suits: When Rihanna Met Brigitte Macron RIHANNA took a break from the Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets press tour yesterday, in order to pay a visit to French President Emmanuel Macron.

First lady Brigitte Macron welcomed the pop star at the Elysée Palace, where the agenda was education rights in impoverished communities . Macron, it seems, took Rihanna’s Tweet to him in June asking, “will France commit to #FundEducation?”, seriously. Other world leaders, such as Argentina’s Mauricio Macri, are yet to respond to her queries. Lest they should forget that Harvard University awarded her the Humanitarian of the Year Award earlier this year. Rihanna means business.

Two inspiring ladies, doing their own thing their own way instead of giving in to traditions that limit them. They are making a difference, they are writing history. They are strong and they are powerful.

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