5 Reasons Why I Love Lagos City

If you have known me for a while, you will attest to the fact that I am a die-hard fan of Lagos city. My friends will tell you that I would rather choose the best Lagos
has to offer as against relocating to Europe. Worst of all is that I find it difficult adjusting to life in any other state in Nigeria. The long and short of it all is that I love Lagos. These are my reasons;

Lagos as Center of Excellence

Literally Lagos is a center of excellence. Whatever field you play in, the moment you decide to compete at the highest level, Lagos should be your destination. If you can beat the level of competition in Lagos, then you are really good at what you do. Lagos standard is global standard. If you are seen to be good in Lagos city, then you are good anywhere in the world. That is why it is not surprising to see Fashion designers from this city rock international runway with their designs, filmmakers shut down international film festivals, music artistes that have conquered this city have a global platform and Local businesses giving multinationals a good run for their money.

Lagos is the Hollywood of Africa

Lagos runs show biz like no other. Every entertainer that wants to attract global attention desires to play in Lagos. I can arguably say that in Africa, our music
industry is the best and most viable, our movie industry is the best, our fashion industry is the biggest, our comedy industry is the fastest growing and when
compared to other Nigerian cities, Lagos City is the best tourist destination with lots of options.

Lagos is a Land of Possibilities

I am not saying this to mean that things are not possible in other Nigerian cities, but being an economic hub creates a lot of possible options for anybody no matter where you come from. As a stand-alone, Lagos economy is the fifth largest economy in Africa and will become the third largest by 2019 according to experts. How many states in Nigeria have the capacity to produce billionaires that are strictly private sector driven? There are billionaires in Lagos state that has no affiliations whatsoever with the government house. In Lagos state,anybody can become a multi-millionaire irrespective of their age, sex, tribe, religion or political affiliations. If you raise your game, this land will produce for you.

Lagos as a Networking Hub

No man is an Island of himself. In our journey to greatness, we will always need to leverage on relationships. No matter what you want to do, there are people that have gone ahead of you in that venture. Lagos state provides you with a pool of friends, mentors,leaders, disruptors and influencers. The richest black man in the world sleeps and wakes up in this city. Who is it you are looking for? Africa’s finest entrepreneurs,Media Moguls, A-list Bloggers, Tech-disruptors, show biz promoters, Leading Gospel Acts, Corporate Executives, Motivational Speakers and Life coaches are all here. No matter how big the person is, in Lagos, he or
she is just one person away from you. You can easily access help, mentorship and training.

Lagos is a home for all

Lagos is arguably the most accommodating state in Nigeria even though it is also one of the most expensive cities in the world. Lagos has something for everybody
irrespective of your social class. No matter how broke or economically disadvantaged you are, you will always find a house you can afford, feeding is not a problem,flexing is guaranteed as there are free fun spots and shows. I don’t know of any other state where you can visit a food vendor and order rice- 50 Naira, beans- 30 Naira, kpomo – 20 Naira, spaghetti – 30 Naira,plantain-20 Naira. In this same city a plate of food goes for 15,000 Naira. Choose your poison. Lol
Eko oni ba je!

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