5 Easy Ways to Dress Up as Your Favorite Halloween Candy

‎Still in need of a Halloween costume? Here are five ways to‎ dress up as your favorite Halloween candy (using things you
probably already have)

    1. Candy Corn

    If candy corn is your favorite Halloween candy, this makes a‎ cute costume. If you can’t sew, try wearing a white hat, orange‎ top and yellow bottoms. Hand out candy corn as an extra‎ prop!

    ‎2. M&M’s

    Dressing up as M&M’s is super easy and makes for a cute
    group costume. Have each person wear a different colored
    shirt and tape or iron on white M’s!

    3. Hershey’s Kiss

    ‎If you’re a chocolate lover, dress up as a Hershey’s Kiss. With‎ a silver dress (which you can make out of duct tape or foil) and‎ a party hat covered in tin foil, you’ll be the cutest kiss around.‎ Don’t forget your “kisses” ribbon

    4. Life Saver

    ‎If you love these gummy candies, dress up in a rainbow outfit‎ and print a Life Savers sign to wear. Bonus points if you craft a‎ hat out of streamers!

    5. Twix

    ‎If Twix is your favorite candy, make this super easy costume‎ with a gold dress and red duct tape. You’ll look cute—and it’s‎ so simple!

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