Ambode unveils 20-feet Awolowo statue

Lagos state governor, Akinwunmi Ambode unveiled a new iconic statue of the late sage and nationalist, Chief Obafemi Awolowo on Tuesday.

Correspondent, Adedoja Salam-Adeniyi reports that the unveiling ceremony of the statue of the man who played a key role in Nigeria’s Independence and managed it’s finances during its three-year civil war attracted dignitaries, including the wife of the Vice President,Dolapo Osinbajo who is the late Awolowo’s descendant.

For the Late Awolowo’s immediate children, their appreciation to the Lagos state government is boundless.

Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode said the 20-feet high statue is not to beautify the environment but done in recognition of Awo’s legacy as a voice of liberation and
symbol of Nigerian unity.

Governor Ambode also used the occasion to maintain the position of the state government on restructuring.For the sculptor, the feedback has been pleasant. The late chief Obafemi Jeremiah Awolowo died on 9th of May 1987.

Russia threatens to ban Facebook in 2018

Russia’s internet watchdog on Tuesday warned Facebook it would be banned in 2018 unless it complies with a law on storing local users’ data.

“The law is compulsory for all,” the head of Roskomnadzor telecoms watchdog Alexander Zharov told journalists in Moscow, quoted by Interfax news agency.

“We will work on getting Facebook to observe the law,”Zharov said. “This will all happen in 2018 definitely.”

A controversial law passed in 2014 requires foreign messaging services, search engines and social networking sites to store the personal data of Russian users inside Russia.

The law, which was fiercely opposed by the telecommunications industry, is an apparent move to pressure sites such as Facebook and Twitter into handing
over user information.

“In any case we will either get the law carried out or the company will stop working in Russia, as unfortunately happened to LinkedIn,” Zharov said.

“There are no exceptions here,” he added.

Russian internet providers last year blocked the LinkedIn professional networking site after Roskomnadzor said it broke the law on personal data storage.

Zharov’s comments came after Facebook revealed that Russia-linked fake accounts paid for ads that may have influenced last year’s US election.

Facebook said it was sharing its findings with the US authorities.

The threat of a ban also comes as Russia is gearing up for presidential elections in March next year. Facebook is widely used by the opposition to President Vladimir Putin to coordinate protests and make political statements.

Opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who intends to stand against Putin but will almost certainly be barred, uses Facebook to communicate with supporters.

The online platform allows him to bypass state television,which only gives him negative coverage.

“We understand very well that Facebook has a significant number of users in Russia, but on the other hand, we understand that it’s not a unique service, there are other social media sites,” said Zharov.

Ambode Approves Reconstruction Of Onikan Stadium

The Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, has approved the rehabilitation and upgrade of the 5,000 capacity Onikan Stadium, near Tafawa Balewa Square Lagos Island, in order to make it meet the expectations of a 21st Century sporting facility. The stadium’s upgrade is also in line with the new Onikan-Marina Regeneration plan.

In a statement issued on Sunday by the State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr. Steve Ayorinde, the state government said the upgrade demonstrates its commitment to use sports as a potent tool for development and job creation; adding that the stadium, which is the oldest in Nigeria, was originally
built in 1930 but was last renovated in the 1980s.

According to the Commissioner, the reconstruction of the stadium is in consonance with the vision of the present administration to transform the facility and other infrastructure within the locality into a tourism hub and make the stadium available for various sporting activities, especially football.

“The upgrading of the stadium will rekindle the interest of football fans in local league, as well as promote sports tourism, take sports to greater heights and encourage youth activities,” he said.

While noting that the upgraded stadium will further cement the State’s desire to attain a Host City status for local and international tournaments, Ayorinde remarked that it would also impact positively on the States revenue generation.

Elaborating on the scope of the upgrade, the Commissioner said the work would entail complete demolition of the existing facility, removal of the old turf,
pitch, underground drainage and artificial pitch base.

He further stated that rehabilitation works would also be done on external and internal walls, electrical and mechanical installations; paved driveways, perimeter
fence; borehole and water reticulation as well as external electricity lighting and landscaping amongst others.

Onikan Stadium has, over the years, served as a multi-purpose stadium used for many social and political activities apart from hosting of football matches but its
fortunes nosedived in the past few years due to inadequate funding and maintenance.

“The governor realized that the stadium in its present state could not inspire any sense of pride in Lagosians, especially our youths, and falls short of the expectations of a state that has always led the rest of the country in sporting activities, “ Ayorinde noted.

He added that the reconstruction and upgrade of the stadium would complement the adjoining JK Randle Arts Centre, the proposed Lagos Museum, the Lagos History Centre as well as the Lagos Heritage Centre which are all tourism-inspired projects.

“Governor Ambode is passionate about sports development in the state, from the grassroots to the world stage and he is excited that the reconstruction will
rekindle the love for local football league that is synonymous with the stadium and Lagos Island,” Ayorinde said.

UBA Group Deploys AI-Powered Callback Technology

United Bank of Africa Group, (UBA) is going above and beyond the legacy banking systems to omni channel marketing and social media lead generation, meeting its
customers where they are – on websites, email, social networks, and cross-device platforms.

UBA Group is taking advantage of AI-powered systems that even the western banks haven’t implemented yet. For instance, customers calling the bank for various reasons now have the option of requesting a call back to get on demand information. This has been implemented by using web to phone callback technology developed by Lucep.

You can see the website widget deployed on the UBA website at for several financial services and products. The bank’s customers enter in their name and number, and select the reason for which they want a call back. The Lucep AI takes the callback request, and distributes it to the right team, ensuring it goes to an authorized member of the team who has the Lucep app on their smartphone. This member can then connect back to the customer through the app itself.

The benefits of such an instant response system are huge,especially when it’s about following up on new customers who are inquiring about banking services. Let’s say someone who wants a mortgage calls UBA and a few other banks to compare the procedure, costs and paperwork needed.

UBA being the only one who has implemented an instant lead response system, is able to give the customer a call back within one or two minutes.

Since UBA is the first to call back, it gives them an edge over others. The bank is able to engage customers and get them to sign up before the competitors have a chance to make a call and talk to the customer. Customers also appreciate the bank calling back instantly, while other banks may take hours or even days to respond. It is this kind of attention to detail, personalized service, and deft use
of the latest technologies that has helped UBA stay ahead of its competitors in Africa, and ahead of the trends in the global banking industry.

Baby Found Dead In A Polythene Bag Close To Railway In Sango, Ibadan (Graphic)

A heartless woman has caused serious pandemonium in Ibadan after she dumped corpse of a baby close to a railway line.

Residents of Mokola and Isopako at Sango Ibadan, Oyo State, were woken to a shocking sight when the dead body of a new born baby was found close to a railway line in the city.

ToriMill gathered reports that the baby was found dead inside a black polythene bag and was allegedly dropped in the early hours of Monday, September 18, 2017, by an unidentified person.

According to reports gathered by ToriMill from an Eyewitness, it was said that the innocent soul was found by passersby.

One witness, Hillary K, who report the cruel incident to ToriMill, he disclose that he heard the news from his friends and he had to visit the place of incident to feed
his eye.

“I heard my friends in the talking about the lifeless body of the baby yesterday morning (Monday) but I got to the place by 9:30am that same day.

When I got there, one of the onlooker took out his phone to call the police at the point but I am unable to be at the place before the arrival of the police, he said”.
Investigation is still going on concerning that baby.

Top Radio Shows In Lagos/Nigeria

What are the best radio shows to listen to or to look forward to in Lagos?

I’ve tried searching online, but the only thing I see ‘top 10 radio stations’ let me try to drop a radio show I always look forward to,

1. Cool FM 96.9fm, Weekdays 3-4pm, DJ Xclusive 1 Hour mix of various genre of songs… always fun!

2. RC 102.3fm, around 12-3am or there about, I dont know it’s name but people always call in with different life problems (jeez, people get problems o, especially
romantic problems), anyways, the host, a deep male voice guy, tries to give best advice, sometimes he’s so strict and stern on callers, I pity the callers..

anyways I’m looking forward to discovering new interesting shows airing on different stations, and it’s practically impossible to listen all radio stations at once.

Driver Rapes Student Of College Of Education,Ikere-Ekiti

Students of College of Education, Ikere-Ekiti, Ekiti State,yesterday embarked on violent demonstration to protect alleged rape of a female colleague (names withheld) by a commercial bus driver.

The 200 Level student was allegedly raped by a commercial bus driver conveying her back to school along College- Igbara Odo way on Sunday.

The lady, said to be having malaria, had left the campus for medication in town. But while she was returning to school about 8p.m.the driver, popularly called Akoto,suddenly stopped the bus on the way and raped her.

Enraged, students of the college, who got wind of the incident, took to the streets yesterday to protest the assault.

The students blocked the Ado-Ikere-Akure Road, which caused disruption of traffic flow for several hours.

Those travelling to Akure had to return to Ado-Ekiti to prevent being caught in the web of violence which engulfed the town.

The protest also disrupted commercial activities at Odo-Oja area of Ikere-Ekiti as many of the traders hurriedly closed shops to prevent looting of their wares.
It was learnt that the lady has been taken to the hospital for treatment. The state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Alberto Adeyemi, confirmed the incident.
He said rape was the highest point of criminality which would not be tolerated.
The PPRO added that normalcy had returned to the town and that the police had launched manhunt for the alleged rapist.

10 Ways Corpers Ruin Their Lives During NYSC

National Youth Service Corps can be fun and exciting yet a great time to define your goals in life, a time to build relationship, or any number of other things. It is a step closer to “real life” when there are pitfalls and landmines along the way that can derail one on the path to fulfilling your dreams and careers in life.

There are some major dark sides of National Youth Service scheme which are pathetic, thinking of various abnormalities participants are brewing on a daily basis which are

1. Having secret love affairs with students

Some male corps members are nothing but paedophile as they are fond of taking advantage of the innocence of students entrusted with them to gain sexual gratification. It’s very disgraceful to see male corps members jubilating when posted to primary/ secondary schools because they know they stand a very good chance of sleeping with girls that are below the age of consent.This is the height of stupidity being perpetuated by some male corps members and that’s what some of them spend their time doing for a whole year then they return back home the same way they left.

2. Extravagant spending/ lack of saving culture

Spending recklessly, lavishly and ostentatiously on irrelevant things are common traits among some corpers of today. They eat with their two hands, go into debts
and will still demand more money from home. In fact,even their khakis and jungle boots can easily be recognized by every beer palour in their environment
where they normally have rendezvous. These are people who will return back home empty handed after their service year after which they will begin to constitute nuisance in the society by becoming IPOB and Afonja when joblessness hit them.

3. Lusting after ladies

It’s not new to us that some male corps members are fond of chasing and sleeping with both village and rural girls out of NYSC exuberance. In fact, I, Tosyne2much,
have even witnessed a scenario when a male corps member sighted his crush by and quickly dashed into his room to change into his khaki and jungle boot so that the girl will know he’s a serving corper. Some of them impregnate these girls in the process and will head to NYSC secretariat for redeployment to another state in
other to avoid shame and embarrassment. This is how notorious some guys can be and that’s how curses follow them anywhere they go.

4. Married/Engaged Woman disguising themselves as single ladies in orientation camps

Many of us must have seen married and engaged women stupidly falling in love with random guys in orientation
camps because of stomach infrastructure at mami market. These are ladies who find it difficult to their hold body for three weeks in the absence of their husbands/boyfriends. I remember when I was serving in Kano in 1995, a married woman and a guy were caught doing it on parade ground and were both sent packing.

5. Stupidly falling in love with play boys

Most ladies, if not all, get carried away by the euphoria of NYSC and that’s why there’s a high possibility of losing your girlfriend the moment she goes for service.
This is the time they cohabit and flirt with anything that has two legs since their boyfriends are out of sight. They can even flirt with rifraffs such as native doctors and palm wine tappers forgetting they have boyfriends somewhere, and at the end of the day, they return home with syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, genital herpes, trichomoniasis, HIV/AIDS, etc.

6. Rebel against native laws

No matter how some rules seem to be old-fashioned, corpers should endeavour to pay obedience to them especially those that are serving in villages or Shari
estates. It has been observed that some corps members usually rebel against what they deem to be outdated laws because they feel they’re too educated to obliged to them and that’s how many of them invite problems into their lives. E.g sleeping with people’s wives, oro festival, etc.

7. Picking pockets and stealing

Some corpers are notorious thieves who exhibit their stealing prowess in orientation camps and have been caught vandalizing people bags just to steal their money, phones, chargers, clothes, caps etc; and when they get caught and excommunicated from camp, they put the blame on their village people who don’t even know their Call-up numbers. That was how a corper vandalized my
bag and stole the three packs of Gold circle condom I took to camp and left me stranded.

8. Sleeping with NYSC Officials to get posted to juicy places

So many female corps members have been caught sleeping ladies with soldiers, camp commandants, gate men and photographers with the hope of being posted to juicy places. At the end of the day, they still get posted to ridiculous places where they have no access to light, water and network

9. Not allowing the service year to pass through them

First degree is now gradually fading out as employers believe it is no longer enough to equip you for a competitive labour marker and that’s you must have
something special to offer that will give you an added edge instead of expecting people to bow their heads for you because you think you have a Bsc. Many corps
members don’t consider going out of their ways to add to their knowledge but only fantasize about how they will work in Chevron after their service year.

10. Pride

Making friends and meeting new people right from the basic orientation exercise in camp increases people’s chances of getting connected to the right people. Getting acquainted with the right people can be very resourceful because they may be very useful in your job search.Some corps members remain stagnant not because they are not resourceful but because they are too proud and pompous. They feel they are above any other person therefore they don’t see themselves mingling and discussing with people that can help their situation.

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